So, the question is: who is behind Lilian's Homemade Cake? 

The answer is: Lilian, of course!

Lilian is a full-time housewife with a strong passion for baking. She owes her craft to watching YouTube videos and becoming a self-taught baker through trial and error, while also sharing her baking experiences with her friends and family since years ago. After persistent encouragement and positive feedback from her first few bakes, she finally introduced her online cake shop with her daughter in March, 2020!

Lilian’s favourite cake is the Houjicha Chiffon Cake, which is also Lilian's Homemade Cake's signature and best-selling cake. This cake was inspired by Lilian’s daughter, whose favourite drink is Houjicha Latte. After dozens of experiments, Lilian perfected this cake to ensure it had the perfect balance of strong Houjicha flavour without being overly sweet. 

And, it’s safe to say that this cake is a total hit and happy customers keep coming back for more!

Lilian's Homemade Cakes are made with premium quality ingredients:- 

- Organic flour

- NO artificial flavouring

- NO artificial colouring

- NO preservatives

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